Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogger Trick: Adding Online User Counter

Maybe you wanna know, how many people's online in your blog. You can adding online user count on your blog to know it. Many online user count service in the internet. Let's try one named Histats. The function are to know how many online user in your blog, how many user visit you today, and many more useful function. The Histats look's like this:

To put this tool to your blog, please following the steps :

1. Please visit Histats

2. Click Register on the top tab

3. Fill the forms with your information

4. Click Continue

5. Choose the style of Histats counter by mark the radio button below the counter style you choose

6. Click Continue

7. Click at the drop down menu, choose the category which to display at your counter. the choice is : visitor today, Page views today, User online, Total visitors, and total page views. Choose empty if you want not to display them.

8. Click Continue

9. Wait a moment, your counter is updating. Copy the code

10. Login with your Blogger Account

11. Go to Layout Tab

12. In Page Element, click Add a Gedget in the sidebar

13. Choose HTML/JavaScript

14. Paste your Hitstat code here

15. Save

16. Congratulation! Now you can see the result

If you don't like it, try other service :

Good Luck!


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