Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogger Trick: How to Create Guest Book


Blogger Trick: How to Create Guest BookDid you ever see a blog that have a guest book widget? This Blogger Trick point is to interact among the visitors. Such as chat boxes that are placed in the sidebar, or footer. Usually contains about feedback or comments about your blog posts, and also that you write. In the guest book is also useful to accommodate visitors to request information that you provide. In addition, the guest book widget also allows you to add a visitor comfortable in your blog, because they can
give all their aspirations into the guest book.

Many Guest Book Widget on the internet for free. Please your own search on Google or Yahoo. Just type "Free Guest Book Widgets" or "Free Guest Book", you will find many options. But I suggest to the Guest Book of Shoutmix. Because, Shoutmix still have no problem. For example, have not sever down and easy navigation for new users or new visitors. If you want to create a guest book to your blog, please follow these steps:

Sign Up to Shoutmix

1. Go to http://www.shoutmix.com/

2. In the top-right of page, click Create

3. Complete the information requested by the Shoutmix

4. Don't forget to check the box of "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service." then click Continue

5. Choose your style, then click Continue

6. If you got a message like this "Thank you for using ShoutMix" the mean is you already have a shoutmix.

Shoutmix Setting

1. Still in the Shoutmix, go to your control panel

2. Under Display, click Style & Colors. Here you can set font & colors of your chat box. If you have done, click Save settings

3. In the top-left on Navigation, click Back to settings, then choose Date & Time. Here you can set your timezone and date and time format to show. If you have done, click Save settings

4. In the top-left on Navigation, click Back to settings, then choose Labels. Here you can set all labels of shoutmix that you wanna show on your chatbox. If you have done, click Save settings

5. In the top-left on Navigation, click Back to settings, then choose Smileys. Here you can adding 10 your emoticon (for premium account can add to 500 emoticon or smiley). Just fill Smiley image URL and code for smiley [like :) , :( , :D ,etc] then click add. If you have done, click Save settings

6. In the top-left on Navigation, click Back to settings, then choose Get codes under Quick Start. In the below of Generated codes, copy the codes. Paste on notepad for a while or hold the last page of shoutmix.

Places Shoutmix on the Sidebar Blog

1. Login with your Blogger Account

2. Go to Layout tab

3. In the Page Elements, click Add a Gadget in the sidebar widget.

4. Choose HTML/JavaScript

5. Paste Shoutmix Codes on the Content form

6. Save

7. See the result.

If your shoutmix have outmatching size with your sidebar, don't worry, you can set again. Just edit your Shoutmix Widget in the Page Elements.


<!-- Begin ShoutMix - http://www.shoutmix.com -->
<iframe title="YOUR-TITLE" src="http://www4.shoutmix.com/?YOUR-TITLE" width="160" height="400" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto">
<a href="http://www4.shoutmix.com/?YOUR-TITLE">View shoutbox</a>
<br /><a href="http://www.shoutmix.com" title="Get your own free shoutbox chat widget at ShoutMix!">ShoutMix chat widget</a><br />
<!-- End ShoutMix -->

You can change the number of width="160" height="400" like to width="250" height="500"

Hope you understand this tutorial. Good Luck.


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