Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogger Trick: How to install Sitemeter

Impossible if you can calculate the number of visitor that came to your blog. So, we must install equipment to know the number of visitors. Please see homepage of this blog, you will see a small banner like this:Blogger Trick: How to install Sitemeter

Banner called the visitors counter and traffic source analysis tool. You can find out how many visitors come to your blog, through which they come to your blog, and posted on where they leave your blog page, etc.
And this tool can improve the nice look of your blog. If you wanna use this tool, please follow these steps:

Blogger Trick: How to install Sitemeter

1. Go to www.sitemeter.com

2. Choose: Site Meter Basic (Free) or Site Meter Premium ($6.95)

3. If you choose Site Meter Basic, click Sign Up on Site Meter Basic box

4. Click Next

5. Click Next again

6. Fill the forms, then click Next

7. Fill the forms again, then click Next

8. Click Next

9. Click Next again

10. Now is verification time, please open your email. You will receive username and password for login to www.sitemeter.com

11. If you already login, go to Manager

12. Click Meter Style and choose by click Select button

13. Click HTML Code

14. Click Adding site Meter to a Blogger.com Site

15. Copy the HTML code and Paste on your sidebar. Done

Good Luck!


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