Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogger Trick: How to Post HTML Codes


Blogger Trick: How to Post HTML CodesIf you have a blog theme tutorial learn about blogs, you definitely have to post some HTML Codes. For Beginner Blogger, may get a little error when publishing the post. Because the post to include some of the HTML code does not write like a normal way. So to enter HTML code in the Post, we have to change some of the code. Here I will explain to you some code that should be changed.
Before we start, please understand these codes with the descriptions in the list below.

Before (Original)

After (Changed)



Marks the beginning of code lines


Marks the end of the cover code


Mark of "and"


Mark of double quotes


Mark of plus minus


Mark of space


Mark of copyright


Mark of Registered

For example:

This is your original code that you wanna post:

<a href="http://blogwidgetbox.blogspot.com/" target="_blank">blogwidgetbox</a>

To post, you must change the code to be like this:



&lt;a href="http://blogwidgetbox.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"&gt;blogwidgetbox&lt;/a&gt;


This tag &lt;code&gt; and &lt;/code&gt; is for show your HTML code on your post. But don't forget to change the code as the table above. How? Do you understand? If you do not understand about this post, please leave your comment or question under this page. Good luck.


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