Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogger Trick: How to make a Link


Blogger Trick: How to make a LinkLink is something that connects between one to another. The function of a link is important. They connect one to another blog that is often called the "Link Exchange". The more your links in other Website or Weblog, your blog will be better in the Search Engine.

Basically, the link can be placed anywhere on the Blog. But how to create a link in the Post and in the Widget (sidebar, footer, etc) is different. In this post I will explain to you how.

⇒Login with your Blogger Account First

1. Make Links inside Post:

⇒New Post

⇒Write your post with title
ex: I always feeling good when I read posts in this blog.

⇒Select the word that you want insert a link (ex: this blog)

⇒Click Blogger Trick: How to make a Link

⇒And write the link address you want
ex: http://blogwidgetbox.blogspot.com/

⇒You can make like this:
ex: I always feeling good when I read posts in this blog.

2. Make Widget Links in The Sidebar

⇒Go to Layout tab

⇒Click Add a Gadget

⇒Choose Link List

⇒Write Title (ex:Blogroll or Partner Links)

⇒Write number of links to show in list, leave blank to show all links

⇒Choose Sorting mode: Don't Sort, Sort Alphabetically, Sort Reverse Alphabetically

⇒Write the new site URL (ex: http://blogwidgetbox.blogspot.com/)

⇒Write the new site Name (ex: blogwidgetbox)

⇒Click Add Link

⇒If you want to add more than one link, please fill in again

⇒Have done? Click Save

⇒In the Layout tab, You can Hold Click & Drag the widget position

⇒Click Save

Good Luck!


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