Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogger Trick: How to adding Music Player

For Bloggers who like the music, may feel bored when blogging without music. Or for visitors who like the music, will feel a bit bored when stay in your blog. Now, how do you adding music player in your blog? In this post I will tell how to adding music player in your music blog. I only choose one of the many music players on the internet. Impossible to post all of the music player in the internet, because this post will be very long. So, music player that I will tell you today the name is MixPod. With this service you will be able to show your music player in your blog. Let's start:

1. Go to MixPod

2. Click Sign Up in the top-right

3. Fill your

Your Email:
New Password:
Re-type Password:
I am:(Gender)

4. Click Sign Up

5. In the middle-right of page, click Create My Playlist

6. Customize your player's colors & styles and add up to 200 songs per playlist at Music Playlist Skins. Example: I choose MixPod

7. Just follow 3 steps: -Add Music (Adding Playlist), -Customize (Skins, Colors and Styles, Settings), -Save Playlist

8. If you done all of it, click SAVE (get code)

9. In the left options, click Blogger

10. Copy the code, then Paste on your HTML Widget. Save! Or follow steps below code box.

11. Done

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

Good Luck.


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